Must be creative (the kitchen “job”)

Indeed, if you want to try new things, you must have some creativity or at least recognize it to someone else. When it’s about cooking, well, I love to try new unusual combination. The fact that I’m a vegetarian doesn’t imply that I have to eat boring meals, not at all. Au contraire mes amis,  we can play with so many ingredients and change the taste all the time. For now, I’ll propose you something very tasty and healthy.

Main ingredients:

– chickpeas (previously boiled) /pois chices (cuits) / garbanzos (cocidos) / năut fiert

– white beans (previously boiled) / haricots blancs (cuits) / judias blancas (cocidos) / boabe de fasole albă

– fresh carrots / des carottes / las zanahorias / morcovi proaspeţi

– fresh sliced onions / rondelles d’oignon / rodajas la cebolla / ceapă tăiată rondele

– ginger/ gingembre / jengibre / ghimbir

– fresh garlic / ail / ajo fresco / usturoi

– a small glass of white wine / un petit pichet du vin blanc / un vasito de vino blanco / o ceşcuţă de vin alb

– virgin olive oil /huile d’olive vierge / aceite de oliva virgen (sabor intenso) / ulei de măsline

– pepper, salt, cayenne pepper / poivre, sel, poivre de Cayenne /pimienta (negra molida), sal, pimenton picante / piper, sare, boia iute

– coriander leaves, curry / des feuilles de coriandre, curry / hojas de cilantro y curry / frunze de coriandru şi curry

Preparation time: 20 minutes. Boil everything together until the carrots soften, the put the condiments and let it 5 minutes more. It’s easy, and the only thing you have to do after this is to accept all the compliments from your guests. Another variant of this is without garlic, wine and cayenne pepper, but with coconut milk and quinoa grains (the well known “health building grain”) . It’s an even more refined taste, more exquisite and exotic. You must try it once, you’ll become addicted! Wanna bet ?