Circles of Joy

It’s all black&white… with a little of color, next to your imagination. Black&white it’s not only a decent scotch, but also my old love, does express a lot of feelings but not everything is free and easy to achieve.  Similar to life. Something is hidden, hard to say exactly what, but there is always something you can only see with your imagination, not with the eye. Well, those pictures were made on December 12, and only today, after some changes using those circles, I release them for your pleasure. There is not only a photographic effect, it’s also a metaphor, the world is so cold, gray, only with shadows and no colors, while the fun, the colors are constantly attacked and kept in narrow circles, the “circles of joy”. Very few of us have access into those happy circles. I invite you to let your soul free and join me in one of them.

Click on the pictures to see the full size of them, it’s a big difference in quality, due to the software compression used.







And at the end, some kind of chandelier made entirely of spoons, great idea…


…and a sleepy Santa:



One thought on “Circles of Joy

  1. “Circles of Joy” – un titlu foarte potrivit.
    Ca de obicei, ma surprinzi cu pozele (foarte reusite) si cuvintele tale. Imi place jocul de culori si non-culori…foarte excitant, foarte vechi, dar totusi mereu atat de nou…

    P.S. Imi plac botinele la nebunie (si tinuta in general). Sunt foarte, foarte tari, si iti vin grozav!
    P.P.S. Sa-l pupi pe Sleepy-Santa din partea mea! E foarte dulcic.
    P.P.P.S. Poate mai poti sa atasezi si o melodie (videoclip) la aceasta postare. Ar fi fain. Parca, simt nevoia sa si ascult ceva frumos, in timp ce privesc aceste imagini.

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