This is the name of the place you should visit in Madrid if you’re addicted to potatoes (french fries) . They have a large variety of salsas that you can put over your french fries (real potatoes, not like the fake bullshit they serve you on fast-food type restaurants as potatoes), you can order also pork (cerdo) or beef (ternera) steak, scrambled eggs (tortilla), and a lot of other interesting (and tasty) mixtures of meat, onion, garlic and even sea fruits. Everything combined with salsa. You have a nice variety of drinks also (beer, wine, liquor, whiskey, rum). But the best thing at Patatus is the nice atmosphere, friendly stuff and, of course, potatoes… And a nice surprise (for me, at least): they serve Mort Subite, a sweet Belgian beer made of first quality unrefined yellow beer and juice of strawberries or cherries. Mmmm, it’s the only beer I like.



For more information visit Patatus:

95 Calle de Fuencarral, Madrid, Spain 28004

phone: +34 91 448 8931