Winter Chictopian Look – just another option

For the contest sponsored by Chictopia and Kmart, I have to choose an outfit suited for the winter season. I don’t know exactly what are they looking for, but the perspective of winning this price makes me shoot my daily outfits and post it here and there, to the website. Well, not yet, I’ll do it around 30th of December, and all January long it will be voted (or not). But the participation is the most important (and your feed-back), not the winning, even if a trip to San Francisco and free shopping is not a bad idea, hihi. Well, I’m sure there will be a lot of better outfits and with more fans, but that’s the game 🙂  So, new pictures, taken on 20th December in Madrid – Plaza Sevilla.

Click on the pictures to see them in full photographic quality.




The last picture is from a bus, without coat, but I added it only for you to see me in a better light (unfortunately I was unable to find a better spotlight to take the pictures, I worked a lot to correct the light but…I didn’t wanted to alter too much the colors)


And because someone (NOname, hihi) asked me about some music in my blog, check this out (the Illuminati song :P):

1 thought on “Winter Chictopian Look – just another option”

  1. Wow! Mersi pentru “On a Mission”! A completat cu succes aceaste postare. Super hot! I like your mission, baby. Give me, baby, one more time! 😉
    Mi-au placut toate pozele si mai ales tinuta (data viitoare, cand faci poze, renunta la plase! strica compozitia). Cel mai mult imi plac pantalonii, esarfa, de fapt totul arata foarte, foarte bine. Singurul lucru, care l-as inlocui, de data aceasta sunt botinele. Talpa din lemn nu se prea potriveste cu restul, deranjeaza un pic. Nu e o critica, ci o simpla observatie, care, poate, te va ajuta.
    Succes in castigarea premiului cel mare!
    Sarbatori fericite! Te-am pupat.


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