Christmas in Bucharest

This Christmas celebration was made in Bucharest (Romania) – well, not really inside Bucharest, but close to it, in some “satellite” villages of the big city. Even if Bucharest is considered one of the ugliest city in Europe (due to its filthy streets, bad architecture, awful traffic during the day) there are some attractions there that you can find amazing. It’s like a puzzle of ugly and chic, too bad there’s no brain to make from Bucharest a better place for tourists…

Anyway, for sure there are many, many beautiful places in Romania – Braşov, Sibiu, Sighişoara and The Danube Delta; also Carpathians are so nice to visit, you can find a nice traditional hostel – but you have to be careful about the snow falls during the winter season. For example, my snowy photos were made on a road near Bucharest after one night of snow showers.



And you can see my Christmas tree:


And the view from my bedroom window, it’s soooo cozy to stay in the huge bed and look outside in the winter:


With a little delay, I wish you all: Merry Christmas!!!

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