¡¡Feliz Año Nuevo 2011!!

I wish you all the happiness and luckiness for 2011 and to have the best outfits for your parties and walks through parks and streets! The New Year Eve in Madrid was almost entirely on the streets, especially at “Sol” square where I reached with 10 minutes before the midnight and it was impossible to actually go into the square, but anyway, I ate my 12 grapes (a tradition here) and I put 12 wishes in my mind…hope they will get real in 2011. Happy new year! (with a delay, hihi).
That was the bottle of champagne for the “Nuevo Año”, and in the second picture you can see the polvorones and mantacados, two variety of sweets in Spain. Very tasty!!!



1 thought on “¡¡Feliz Año Nuevo 2011!!”

  1. Un an nou fericit si tie!
    Aleg sampania, dar si o bombana, cred, ca ar merge. 😉
    Frumoase poze…

    P.S. Cand se vor indeplini cele 12 dorinte sau macar o parte dintre ele, sa ma anunti! Sunt curioasa.

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