Do you remember the summer ?! Third episode.

January 2011, what is the best than to watch summer pictures ? Je ferais des follies pour arriver dans ton lit...says a wonderful Michel Delpech’s song that remembers me of the warm/hot summer time. Love it, can’t wait for the return of the warm weather…

Click on the pictures to see them in full photographic quality.

Toledo, 4th June (celebration of religious Corpus Cristi day) :



Salamanca, 22th May:


Madrid, 14th June:

Madrid, 3rd July:

Madrid, 29th August, view from the exterior terasa of “Casa Granada” restaurant:

5 thoughts on “Do you remember the summer ?! Third episode.”

  1. Cat de jos ai vrea?

    Ce sexy e acest “joosss”! Oare daca era “sus”, mi/ne-ar fi placut la fel de mult?
    *isi da ochii peste cap, cu acelasi zambet saaa…tisfacut pe buze*

  2. Wow! Ce tari sunt pozele! Ador stradutele inguste…
    Cea mai hot este a 4-a (cine te-a suparat asa? dar esti frumos si suparat; ador expresia fetei si machiajul), dar si celelate imi plac foarte mult.

    P.S. pour un flirt avec… 😛

      1. C’est à moi? Mmmm… *zambesc cu coltul gurii, muscand (u-mi) usor buza de jos*

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