Mylene Farmer


Born in Quebec, the French singer-record (most successful artist in France with more than 25 millions records sold) is my favorite singer/artist. She’s one of the few singers that I really love (yea, it’s true) and live all the songs. I enjoy the sound, the tempo and the lyrics. And her mysterious look fascinates me all the time. What should I say more ? Her videos, her concerts, everything is exceptional (when you work with technicians like Laurent Boutonnat and designers like Paco Rabanne or Yves Saint-Laurent, it’s simply understandable) . Videos like Désenchantée, Sans Logique, Tristana, Libertine, Sans Contrefaçon or L’ame-Stram-Gram, just to mention some, are small movies with a lot of significations and symbols. You can find all of it on youtube and more from Mylene Farmer, even the parody À poil au rien, very well constructed. I propose you today not one but two videos, including the parody one, it’s very into Mylene style… even if the voice is not hers. So sorry about the fact that some of the videos will send you on the website to actually see them, it’s the copyright issue. But it does worth the effort!

I let you enjoy the parody also.

5 thoughts on “Mylene Farmer”

  1. Daca nu ati vazut pana acum, vizionati si intrarile ei in concert. Fenomenale!!!!

    are si versiune in engleza, se numeste , dar mai putin expresiva decat varianta originala
    Ma bucur sa mai gasesc ascultatori de Mylene la noi 🙂

  2. Uite, asta numesc eu “Gotic”! Cum ziceam, atitudinea o ai.
    Iar asta numesc eu “Fuck them All”:

    Iar Mylene Farmer, daa… Jos palaria!

      1. Tot ce e posibil…

        Te-ai “renascut” si, probabil, nu o data; obsedee du strip – esti (ultima melodie, postata de tine, ti se potriveste cel mai bine (ca atitudine), vorbind la modul general); nebunie ai destula… Ce-ti mai lipseste..?

        Si daca tot ai inceput cu Mylene…

        Am o slabiciune pentru videoclipurile alb-negru. Sunt extrem de expresive.

        Si daca tot ai intrebat, eu zic, ca ai vrea sa fii (esti) si CA ea:

        Ai vrea sa fii si CU ea:

        Este vorba si de dualitate…

        Toate videoclipurile ei (si nu numai) sunt geniale. Inteleg de ce iti place atat de mult…

        Iar in incheiere ceva amuzant:

        Eh, daca as si intelege franceza mai mult de 10%…

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