Accessorize Me!

Accessorize me!, yes, this is the new trend in my look; I bought so many items in the last month that I can open a small boutique with all the stuff, hihi. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, some head accessories (which I didn’t wore too often because the weather was rather good or rainy / in that case I preferred to stay home / in winter here), few bags and even some cute brooches. And a watch, but I didn’t found the opportunity to wear it yet. But today I said: “it’s a good day to shoot some photos”, and instead of waiting for the afternoon, when the sun have less power (which is indicated in photography), I took my camera and went out at 2 p.m. … The result is however satisfying (for such sun brightness), but I know I have to take new detailed photos in the future. More accurate.

My apologies for the quality of the photos, but at least I enjoyed the caresses of the sun for some time, relaxed on the stone bench, getting heated and almost falling asleep while the nature around me was preparing for the spring and summer. I told you that my painted tights are magical and have the ability to raise the spring after the winter. In the next photos you can see me after the relaxing rest, heading home with full body charged batteries. It’s good to feel The Spring again!



That’s all for today, if the weather remains that way I promise some hot articles, with interesting clothes combination and androgyny/feminine looks (I have some ideas). I know some of you love to see my legs walking on the streets, you’ll be not disappointed 🙂

1 thought on “Accessorize Me!”

  1. Interesanta postare. Felicitari!
    Chiar era cazul sa acorzi o atentie speciala accesoriilor (intreaga tinuta se schimba datorita lor; mereu au ultimul cuvant).

    Mi-au placut pozele, mai ales primele doua.
    Apropo, de mult am vrut sa te intreb, iti schimbi saptamanal culoarea parului sau zilnic? 😀 De fiecare data arata diferit – lumina ii tot schimba nuanta. Dar sa stii, ca iti sta bine si blonda, si roscata (Mylene).

    9+ pentru tinuta (mi-am propus sa nu mai dau 10 😛 )! Arati minunat. Iar mainile tale sunt vedetele acestei sedinte foto (capteaza toata atentia). Inelusele si bratarile arata…Wow! (mai ales in a III-a poza) Imi plac foarte mult si blugii (foarte sexosi si foarte sic), si jacheta…de incaltaminte mai are rost sa mai zic ceva (poate ti-o fur)? 😀

    Felicitari inc-o data! Numai bine!

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