You know me, I rarely write about food, but when I do it, it’s because I found/discovered something special. This time is all about… salt. But NOT a regular type of salt, no, this is different. Maldon salt is originally from England, it’s obtained using an old traditional method that gives it a special flavor and taste . This is the reason why this salt is famous and the most famous chefs use it for what they cook. Another reason I use this salt is its purity, being obtained completely without any artificial contaminant chemical process. If you’re interested in healthy and tasty products, you can visit their website and find out the whole story of Maldon salt. For me it is the best salt ever!






5 thoughts on “Maldon”

  1. We love sea salt because it is so much better than the processed, bleached and iodized salt most stores sell. My wife loves to cook (and of course I love to eat!) so I passed this bit of information on to her. Thanks!

  2. Interesant…
    Multumesc pentru sfaturi!

    Pe cand un articol si despre piper? Sa nu-i despartim, nu?

    1. Eh, lasă piperul, sarea asta e chiar bună. Iniţial am crezut că e snobism, dar ulterior, gustând-o, mi-am dat seama că nu e minciună, are un gust mai bun. Dar dacă guşti doar sarea nu te prinzi, ci doar pe mâncare.

      1. Am inteles.
        Dar totusi…sarea si piperul ar trebui sa fie impreuna, nu? 😀
        Sorry, dar astazi nu pot sa fiu serioasa. 😛

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