Back to school – a single night

Browsing through my old pictures, I discovered those (some can consider) very kinky and unusual photos of mine, taken last year with the occasion of a party. It was in the summer, when the scholars are on vacation, but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t get back to school, for a single night. Yeah, I know you’ll argue that schools are closed in the night, hihi, yes, but some private “education centers”, with a DJ and a lot of cocktails, are open. Did I mention that this post is for over 18 y.o. persons (in some countries 21 y.o. pers.) ? 🙂 If you’re feeling yourself younger you better hit the “Back” button of your browser. Warning! Here, some sick people try to give to the ties a new meaning! A new function for the boring ties that all men, our damaged society consider, they should wear like a noose rope around theirs necks. It’s even hard to find in the fashion industry a much more inutile piece of clothing than the tie… I want to exemplify one non-conventional use of it. Enjoy.

y21iunie 010

y21june 009

y21iunie 002

y21june 013

y21iunie day 012

y21iunie day 007

What do you think about my hairstyle in these pictures ? Do you like me to keep it like that at least for the summer ?

6 thoughts on “Back to school – a single night”

  1. Ce scolarita sexy!
    Esti super simpatica.
    Faine poze.

    P.S. Cat mai stai? Cand te intorci?

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