For my fans

This post is dedicated to you, my dearest fans, people that like to see and experience all the sides of our existence, not only what the censoring societies, churches or family, as an institution, want to make us to accept and adopt as a human “healthy behavior”.  This post is for you, my friends, those who understand that all the barriers between men and females behaviors are artificial and does NOT relate  with the human nature. If you look at the fashion gender limitations you’ll see what I meant. The make-up, the hairstyle, the social attributes are only censoring facts in our ill society. The repression of the male’s styling elections is obvious and has NO reasonable motive. All the thinks are based now on the prejudices and the fear regarding the sensitive man (some closed mind guys pretend that they should not express their delicacy, thinking that this equals weakness in the eyes of the others men and/or women). With NO wherefore reason, the society imposed that men, comparing to women, should pay less care of themselves, should be more savages in their actions, feelings and looks. The stereotypes are peculiars when it comes to describe the average man, and this is not fair; men can do better, can look awesome. I always found miserable ideas like these:  “this car is made for men, the other is for females”, “this phone is masculine”, “this flagrance is feminine” etc. You got my point: the cleavage between masculine and feminine is so artificial in most cases. I don’t deny: there are situation when, at least in fashion, some clothes are useless for males, like the bras. In fact, this is the only fashion item that men shouldn’t need to wear. All the others items (skirts, leggings, lingerie, tights etc) are eligible to be parts of the male outfits. There is no reason for clothes male limitations. As females are aware of this situation, they borrow a lot the clothes from the masculine lines. They are smarter, more open-minded and with much more sense of beauty. Instead, males have invented the tie (haha!), which is an accessory with no practical use. The tie has only a decorative reason; and there is no other fashion item with such a non-practical function.

This post if for you, my dears friends that don’t judge people with different views regarding our outfits and roles in society. I hope you will remain the same way near me in the future and will enjoy my non-conformists looks and activities. I reached more than 100 posts here and I have more than 10,000 visits every month, and this happens since the revival of this blog, in October 2010, after a long period of absence. I enjoy your comments and private messages that I constantly received and I always tried to answer as quick as I could to your feedback.

The photos are from the foyer of the extraordinary Bank’s Hotel where I stay in Amsterdam, and, in fact, you can see me composing this post. The next visit in Amsterdam will be (if nothing new appears) at the House of Bols. You know the old famous liquor brand, Bols; I want to taste from all the bottles and mixes 🙂

A big hug for you.


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