Flora Holland – the world of flowers

Yes, I’m back home now after the second “Amsterdam experience”. The conclusions will be in the last post about this trip; if you wait for an answer if it worths to visit A’dam, there should be only a full YES, but there are things that must be analyzed more. That will be in the last post about this travel. Now it’s time for a visit to the Flower Market in Aalsmeer. This is the largest flower auction in the world. Some statistics about it:

number of auction rooms: 13

number of auction clocks: 40

number of employees: 4,500

turnover (per year): 4 billions euros

number of flowers and plants sold (per year): 12 billions

number of flowers and plants sold every day: 48 millions

The auctions starts every day at 6 A.M. and ends around 8 A.M. and everything happen exactly like in a financial market. Everyday the transactions are around 16 millions euros which is impressive. The most of the flowers goes to Africa and Israel. Flora Holland is a cooperative, this means that the members – approximately 6,000 growers – are the owners of the business. With an extremely good management, the time between the moment when the flowers are at the farm and the moment that the same flowers are in a different country ready to be sold is less than a day. Now you can see some photos and a small video (pay attention, the sound could be annoying, set the volume to low). I hope you’ll enjoy, it’s something that you can’t see everyday, that’s why I thought will be interesting to host it on my blog. I was there Friday morning, but not that early to actually see the auctions. If you click on the pictures, you can see the full size. Enjoy.


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