Do you know Delft ?

Do you know the blue ceramics from Delft ? Easy to recognize the “Delft style” by the blue color and the full loaded pattern of some plates, cups and teapots. The reality now is that almost every of the “Delft style” ceramics are made in China, but the manufacture of Delft still exists and creates exclusive ceramics for those who appreciate the original, the traditional. I made a short visit to the Delft ceramics factory. It’s a file of a beautiful history.

Then I visited the city center (not too much because of the rain), which reminds me the buildings of Salamanca, another old medieval town from Spain. Too bad the weather was so bad…but after the lunch (which, you can see in two pictures, was composed by a huge pancake with apple, ginger and cinnamon) I would rather sleep a little not walk in the rain…

The last two pictures are of a special very old building that you can find the same way in the picture “Views of Delfts” (Jan Vermeer, Dutch painter born and baptized in Delft in the 17th century). Enjoy.

In the shop of the Delft’s ceramic factory:



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