Photo session in Amsterdam – second part

This week is a very busy one for me because I have to move from a flat to another (better, nicer, with a splendid view of Madrid). The new flat has no internet access (yet), BUT, I will keep this blog alive like nothing happened (I’ll upload photos, I’ll write posts and answer comments from a Starbucks sofa, don’t worry). Meantime I have to pack all my boots and shoes, all my clothes and this is a very challenging issue 🙂 Another good thing about the new apartment is that it has much more space for my stuffs. This week I’ll post some photos from this apartment and, if the weather is good, from its terrace.

Let’s get back to the actual post. It’s the second part of the Photo session in Amsterdam older post. Enjoy the views and, you already know, click on the pictures to see the full-size detail.









6 thoughts on “Photo session in Amsterdam – second part”

  1. These are very nice photos and very flattering. I like the outfit and how you put it together. Very beautiful area too.

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