As you already noticed, I was absent for a while, but since I finished my personal things that made me take this pause from the blog, I’ll be getting in normal soon. Now I propose you a surprising place if you plan to visit Madrid: the fast-food Vitamina. It’s located in Gran Via, you cannot miss it. Normally, I wouldn’t be very enthusiastic about a fast-food type of restaurant, but this is something different. In their menu you can chose from a large list of fruit cocktails, some of them delightfully exotic. And this can be the main food you take, with no regret, at least is something fresh and stuffed with nutrients. Unassuming and simple, it does what it’s supposed to do, especially after a spring/summer day of walk (or shopping :D) in Madrid. And one big cocktail, as you can see in my pictures, costs only (almost) 4 euros. Great!



4 thoughts on “Vitamina”

  1. Ma bucur sa te revad. Ce-i drept, a fost cam plictisitor aici fara tine…lipsea culoare.
    Pozele sunt super, numai in ultima pari atat de trista si abatuta…sper ca doar pari…

    P.S. Pofta buna!

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