Cat on the roof

It’s summer!!! I mean, not yet, but at 24-26 Celsius degrees I can “smell” the summer approaching fast. So, for this day, I preferred to force things a little and wear a typical summer outfit for my visit on the top of Madrid. I’m a cat on the roof 🙂 My outfit:

“Margarita” high heels
C&A animal print lingerie skirt
Modelisa top
H&M ss2010 black purse
Black bracelet

The reason that I chose to wear a lingerie skirt as a normal skirt is that it looked fine, even if it is a little see-through, but due to its print it’s not so obvious what you wear underneath. And it’s for summer! Of course, this outfit was for daytime, later, when the sun wasn’t so powerful, I dressed up a little more like in the spring. But that in the next post. For now, enjoy the cat on the roof. Meowwwww!

Click on the pictures to see full size details.



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