A masculine approach

In the last months I used you with my feminine approaches, and this was mainly because of the vast possibilities of mixing clothes to achieve new outfits. Let’s be honest, the feminine clothes and accessories are better “tools” for the creativity, and women appearances are more socially permissive, at least in my opinion. An androgyny person like me can switch from female to male appearance, not being in the extremes of either, not being ultra-masculine or ultra-feminine. That’s the trick, after all, being somewhere in the middle.

My last Sunday’s look is 100% based on female clothes and accessories, but the entire outfit is one masculine. Of course, not very masculine, or better said, not the conservative type of masculinity. The very or conservative types are not for me, not in a million years 🙂  I’m not built for that approach. Take a look, of course, click on the pictures and let your comment for me. Un beso.

Ah, my outfit was maid of:

Green “Happy Luck” wedges sneakers

Bershka ss2010 ripped jeans

Bershka ss2010 t-shirt

Lefties ss2011 suit-jacket 

Ardene plastic wristwatch

Generic brown 2011 sunglasses 

In the next post, I will show you more of my Sunday’s walk around place like Calle del Pozo, Terasa de Las Vistas, Calle Mayor and the “Geppetto” store. There will be more close-ups. Until then, enjoy this selection maid in Plaza Tirso de Molina.






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