The shoes paradise

It’s situated on Calle Montera at number 12 and it’s like a shoes museum. Zapateria Gredos, which is its name, is on the market since 1948 and has a long tradition in offering best price/quality balance items in the very heart of Madrid. The large majority of the shoes are made in Spain, and are partially/completely made out of the best leather. They also provide a large variety of men’s shoes (you’ll see in the pictures below), amazing colors and models. The store is split in two: one part is like a normal shoes store, and the other is like a museum, with only one pair for each model. If you’re lucky to find your size, well, you’re happy. If you travel to Madrid, Zapateria Gredos is a must-see.

Click on the photos to see them full size.


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The summer is here

And I enjoy it so much! Do you remember the summer old pictures, yellowish and watercolored ? I do and with this photo session I tried to relive those times… The sun was so bright that I was actually trying to keep the look on the camera, but it was very hard.

The summer is magic! In less than two weeks I’ll fly to Lanzarote for the real summer fun 🙂

And of course my pictures:



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Last Sunday

This is the continuation of the “Sitting on the grass” post. New pictures.

Come with me in the park, let yourself jump on the grass and yell like Scooter “It’s summer!”. But be careful not to disturb the peacocks and parrots 🙂 They already know what season is and enjoy it.

Again, clicking on the pictures isn’t prohibited 🙂


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Sitting on the grass

It’s Sunday, it’s almost summer so it’s park time! After the fall and winter, the most craved thing is to sit liberally on the grass…that smell of fresh nature is invading my nostrils, the butterflies are flying all around under the blue sky… Even if the grass was a little wet and the ground a little cold, nothing compares the feeling of sitting in the middle of nature. That was my Sunday afternoon history. Enjoy the first photos of real summer in 2011!

Of course, as you already know, by clicking on the photos you can see the full size image.


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Strawberries Friday Night

There is nothing like Friday night in terms of spending good time, inside or outside. It’s the best moment of the week. Oh yeah, and Sunday morning has a special vibe, that’s right. For the last Friday night I setup this outfit to go out…sorry for the quality of the photos, I hate to be forced to take pictures during the night with the flash, it distorts the colors, the shades, but sometimes there’s no other option. For the night shots I like more the static type o photos, with long exposure times, but I cannot stay still so long, hihihi. My outfit was composed by:

IF Carrini silver stripes high heels

Calzedonia tights

Pink One fur and tulle micro skirt

Bershka BSK t-shirt

Navy denim Modelisa coat

Encuentro grey bag with silver metal insertions

Stradivarius silver watch

What is your preferred item ? What would you wear from my outfit ? Oh, yeah, and maybe you wonder what’s about the strawberries in the title…well I like how it sounded so I named this post like that. Another reason is that I was eating strawberries (you can see that in a picture or two) last night during the walk and I found it very chic… in a Friday night, on the streets, heading for a disco… someone is eating strawberries 🙂

Now enjoy the pictures, and don’t forget to click on them to see the full size and details.



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