It’s the old capital of Lanzarote, a small town in the north part of the island. Every Sunday there is a market taking place on the narrow streets of the oldest town of the island and it’s a good opportunity to buy amazing volcanic semi-precious stones and other exotic Canarian handmade items. To reach Teguise, from Arrecife or Puerto del Carmen, there is a local bus (I think it’s the same thing if you’re in Playa Blanca) or, if you want to have fixed hours to leave Teguise, you can buy a bus ticket from a trip company. On the road to Teguise, you will pass through Nazaret, an even smaller village, where Omar Sharif  made his sumptuous house in 70’s and lost it after only 2 months at a card play. There is an interesting story about Omar Sharif and Lanzarote… he loved the island and he was decided to relocate there, but after loosing his house, he never returned. That was dramatic, I think, not only because he lost his house, but that house was made after César Manrique‘s (his good friend) architectural plans.  I will tell you more about César Manrique, the man who made Lanzarote a special place. His intake was gigantic on the face of the island, in all the aspects and he’s a hero on that island.

I keep some nice and interesting stories about Lanzarote for the next posts, there will be so many… For now, take a look at the Teguise streets, church and traditional dances. You can click on the photos for a larger view (not maximum, but still larger). Enjoy!



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