HA-HA, bar dancer

This was a joke in a crazy girls night out, haha, that bar was somewhere outside and there was like an invitation for my drenched in alcohol brain, hehehe. No, I don’t do that as a second job, don’t laugh, and don’t invite me to entertain your parties 😀 , the good thing is that I didn’t get hurt fooling around with that… Bar dancing is a serious job, it takes a lot of training and you first sweat and work hard to achieve an experienced level in this type of dance. But it’s like a magnet, isn’t it ? Click on the pictures to see full sized photos 🙂






7 thoughts on “HA-HA, bar dancer”

    1. Nice to see you first time here. Thank you!! The brand of these shoes is not important (something not known), I spent 10 euros on them, hehe. I love nice looking stuffs that doesn’t cost a fortune. My foot size is 40, but I also have shoes 39 or 41.

      1. ok, thanks 😉
        oh only 40 thats pretty small so its easy to find something in womens section I guess 😉
        I have 43 so its not that easy.

      2. There are many websites from where to buy special sizes as female’s shoes… but I know it’s not the best thing to buy shoes online, you better try them first…but.. this is the solution if there are no stores around your home.

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