El Golfo – the green lagoon

Situated at the south-west end of the Lanzarote island, El Golfo is a small fishing village with a big attraction: the green lagoon situated on the bottom of an ancient volcano crater. Being so close to the ocean, half of the crater is gone due to erosion and now you can admire only the mainland half of it. It’s a beautiful scene there, with the ocean on a side and the green lagoon on the other side. The reason for its green color is also interesting: the bottom of the lagoon is made of semi-precious sparkling green volcanic stone and also the algaes that populate the water are green.

From the El Golfo village you have to walk on a narrow path to a natural mirador (viewpoint) of the lagoon. There is also a tiny path to go close to the lagoon, but it’s now closed. In the future, the volcano’s steeps walls will collapse on the lagoon so nobody’s allowed to go closer, but rules exist, not to be violated ? Hehe, enjoy the pictures.

The village:Photobucket

The path from the village to the lagoon:

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