Parque Nacional Timanfaya

This is the name of a beautiful and unusual volcanic park from the Canarian island of Lanzarote. It consists of more than 51 square km of ‘lunar’ landscape, very popular to the sci-fi film producers for its unique features. This is the newest part of the island, the last volcanic eruption date from 1824 (for 3 months only), but the landscape was modeled in the 18th century when the eruptions lasted for 6 years. In fact, this is the testimony of the priest Lorenzo Curbelo:

El día 1 de septiembre de 1730, entre las nueve y las diez de la noche, la tierra se abrió en Timanfaya, a dos leguas de Yaiza… y una enorme montaña se levantó del seno de la tierra” – on the 1st September 1730, between the 9 and 10 hours in the night, the land has opened in Timanfaya, at 2 miles of Yaiza (important village in the area), and an gigantic mount was lifted up from the heart of the earth. You can imagine the power of the nature (300 volcanos gathered in the same place, something like 200 square km) when you step into this unusual land… the pictures cannot take the whole thing, but at least, give you the idea of the place. For its unique features, the entire island of Lanzarote was taken under the protection of UNESCO.

Everything here wears the signature of the brave man César Manrique who made the roads and the touristic point on the roof of Montaña de Fuego, the hottest place on the island, where you can feel the heat of the land just taking some stones from the ground. You can’t keep them longer in your hands, they are extremely hot. Here, on the Montaña de Fuego base you can see the demonstrations of the power of the volcano. There is a 5 meters deep natural cave where the heat goes to 400 degrees C and where the grass ignites instantly. There are also some man-made holes where someone pour some water and seconds later the mountain spits it violently out as vapors. If you’re not time-pressured, you can also have your lunch at the restaurant there. All the foods are made with the natural heat of the mountain, no gas or electricity needed. It’s something amazing. Well, have a sit and watch the photo selection I prepared for you. Enjoy.

The road of Timanfaya:


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