Best invention: the ponytails

I love the sea, the sand, the summer heat, I crave to be well tanned… in one word: I love being at the beach. But, I also pretend that my hair looks good during the tanning process, and knowing the beach conditions (sun, wind, humidity, sometimes even sea water) there was always a lost war, until I discovered the ponytails. Yeah, you can laugh as much as you want, but I wasn’t used to wear my hair in that way, so I didn’t knew how it is. My first ponytail was made in the middle of the head, but it doesn’t allow me to sit comfortable on the beach chair so I split it in two. That way has been born my hairstyle with two ponytails. Helped with some hair-pins and two ponytails, my hair could stay arranged and the wild wasn’t a pain in the ass anymore! For the beach, I declare the two-ways ponytails, the best invention ever!







And now, I want your opinion again:

2 thoughts on “Best invention: the ponytails”

    1. Ei, obraznice ? De ce ? Eu le găsesc mai degrabă copilăroase, peaceful 🙂
      Alb-negru, da, pentru că toate pozele sunt cam la fel, am zis să “mă joc” puţin cu ele… 🙂

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