Live it up!

Madrid is a wonderful city at night. In the summer nights, there are more people on the streets than in daytime. It’s a pity that my night shots are so bad, I cannot find a good setup for my camera… hm, if someone knows some tricks I’ll be happy to listen 🙂 Ah, these pictures exasperate me, I want so much to present my new denim blazer from Mango, but no chance with that photo quality; the next pictures will be made under better lighting so I’ll postpone the presentation 🙂 The blazer is to-die-for, you have to believe me!!!

Don’t click on the pictures, there is no better quality…


Me, as a statue 😀





And a collage from the Palacio (The Royal Palace):

Maybe in this picture you can see better my blazer, if not, don’t worry, you’ll see it in the next posts 🙂

10 thoughts on “Live it up!”

  1. Excuse me to talk you in spanish in the previous message. I´m sorry.I love your pantyhosed legs, you are gorgeus, as ever. Kisses.

  2. Estás fantástica, tienes unas piernas maravillosas y con esas medias son impresionantes, que marca son las medias?

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