Late night in Lisbon

A mystic night in Lisbon implies a full moon on a dark sky, a magic power bowl and a relentlessly witch. Don’t worry, not even the moon was full, hehe, the magic bowl was a lamp and the witch… guess who ?! 🙂  But seriously now, Lisbon old town has a special effect on visitors, it looks so medieval well conserved and all those narrow streets and empties cramped passages, not very well illuminated by the street lights, ah, everything looks creepy and mystical. Of course, you only have to enter into a bar to escape that sensation… which is a good thing to do, late night in Lisbon.

And a short (funny) poll:

A typical street in old Lisbon:

The view from my friend’s (Rita) terrace:


Me, collecting the energy (from a glass of cognac, hehe) for the future spells:



The “alien lamp” used:

4 thoughts on “Late night in Lisbon”

  1. Hi, i´ve discovered your blog recently and it´s fantastic, i´m a boy who wears girls clothes, like you.You have a great hair, congratulations to your hairdresser and to you for this blog. Kisses.

    1. Thank you. My fight is against social stereotypes that impose a certain set of rules regarding the male/female appearance and actions, including here the clothes censorship. Clothes are totally artificial and there is no reasonable rule to impose men not to wear ‘girl designed items’. More, the female clothes are much more fashionable and comes in a big variety of forms and colors; in this world, the beauty is at feminine, which is unfair. That’s all about, I’m glad you enjoyed my blog and… please feel free to comment, here is a censor-free area 🙂

      1. i´m totally agree with you, i´m not beleive in stereotypes, girls clothes give you a lot of possibilities of wearing, and why not wear them? only for being a man?i´m not agree.People like you are necessary to see the clothes without gender, so lets wear heels, pantyhose, skirts or everything that we wanted to wear, thanks and kisses.

      2. Yes, of course there is no reason why a man cannot wear a skirt, for example. The humans are born without clothes, so the nature doesn’t impose what a man or a woman should wear. A man wearing a skirt is not against the nature of human beens. Anyway, men like us should not exaggerate in wearing clothes that not even women would wear, the fashion trends must be followed as much as possible, and fashion rules that apply to modern women should apply also to men that chose to wear feminine clothes. Men should learn how to wear a skirt, it’s not enough to put it on… I accept the truth that it’s not easy at all for men, but, with a little attention and implication I’m sure modern men can do it properly.

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