Lisbon: the sunset

The sunset is the best moment to take impressive photos, when the balance between light and dark is perfectly equilibrated. The problem is that this moment doesn’t take too long and the dark win the fight. Lisbon is also known in the world of professional photographers as a special place, with a specific balance between colors of the day, but I discovered that the sunset and the river (Tagus) create a special atmosphere in the pictures I took. A little infos about the river: Tejo (in portuguese), or Tajo (in spanish) is the longest river of the Iberian peninsula (more than 1,000 kilometers) and it’s the most important source of drinking water in Madrid (which is, by the way, very tasty and healthy); it passes through Aranjuez, Toledo, Alcántara and, of course, Lisbon. If you read my post about Toledo, you remember this river’s name.

The first pictures are from the Lisbon side, then some others from the ferry we took to go on the other side, and the last ones are from the old (mostly) abandoned pier of the opposite side. As the developed is the Lisbon side of the river, the other side is almost untouched by the modern technologies and it’s used only for the fishermen that contribute also to the pitoresque atmosphere of the old harbor.

Ok, let’s see the pictures. Let me know if you enjoy them.



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