First Lingerie Show

I started a new category called “Lingerie” because many people here asked me what type of underwear I use. Well, this will NOT give an answer – usually I don’t wear bras and stockings suspenders – but will show a little of my sensual lingerie that I normally don’t wear but I liked so much in the stores windows that I couldn’t resist the urge of buying it. Please be indulgent with me as it’s my first post so undressed, and it was a challenge to actually shoot this session, in plain day, on a semi-public place as the terrace is. Some informations about my “outfit”: the set lingerie is from H&M, the shoes are from a local brand – Mustang – and the bracelet-watch is from Folli Follie. Enjoy the show, but first, a little poll 🙂

13june 007









20 thoughts on “First Lingerie Show

  1. i think with some stockings to match the suspender belt, would have been very nice! Your terrace reminds me of my own in Madrid.


      1. To have such a fabulous body do you work out at all? and are you training or wearing a corset? how much help do you get from your girl friend? I wish to follow your example.

  2. WOW!! Long leg, perfect length and size, I envy you. With great body shape. It’d be so nice to be like you able to wear so many beautiful dresses.

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