Do you want to sleep with me ?

When: Last Saturday night

Location: Chueca, Madrid

Hour: around 2 A.M.

The most vibrant neighborhood of Madrid is Chueca, in terms of parties and sexy nightlife. All the narrow streets are flooding with people that want to have fun, to party, so it’s quite difficult to walk from a club to another one. We went directly to Plaza Chueca which is the heart of the gay district and it’s a place with no taboos, to a club named Truco, a lesbian bar de copas but where you can also dance (even if the dance floor is tiny). The atmosphere was nice, with a large feminine majority (the boys that were allowed to enter where the gay friends of the lesbians), cocktails were good and the music a little commercial, but fine after all. A good point is that in Spain the smoking inside bars and clubs is totally prohibited so you can actually breath. After a good time, dance and drinks in Truco we walk around the place, we went to Plaza Vasquez de Mella where is located the famous Oscar Hotel, where the rooms are para compartir (to share), so their slogan is “do you want to sleep with me ?”, as you can see it in the background of my pictures 🙂 Let me explain you the Oscar’s philosophy: if you’re traveling alone and you want to split the cost of a hotel room, you can pick a roommate and that’s it! Very ingenious, isn’t it ? Of course, sometimes the roommate can turn into something more, depending on your mood.

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