Too much heat!

There were more then 10 days passed since the temperatures are daily over 35 degrees Celsius/95 on Fahrenheit scale  (approaching to 40°C / 104°F) and the prognosis for the next 10 days is not better at all. At 1-2 A.M. there are still 27-30 degrees C (81°F-86°F) in the center of Madrid. It’s too much… so, for the last weekend, during daytime, I went to a park and I tried to defeat the hot sun. For some hours everything was fine…

The bad thing is that I want to go out and have fun (take pictures yes!), but it’s almost impossible with that weather. It was a big effort to write this post too… I have to shut down the laptop, it brings more heat into my apartment…





5 thoughts on “Too much heat!”

  1. Too much? Omg.. pe aici ploua de cateva zile. Nu am mai vazut soarele de muult..:( Vreau si eu caldura si un bronz ca al tau! 😀

  2. Salut, infierbantato! 😀
    Faine poze! Bine ca nu s-au prajit si ele, hihi.

    P.S. Eu inghet aici si tu te lauzi cu 30-35 °C?! Of, of… Norocoaso! 😀

    1. Hey, îngheţato!! 😀 Merci, a trebuit să ies în parc, nu se mai putea… asta e. Şi urmează o perioadă la fel de caniculară…. ies mai mult noaptea 😦

  3. Yes too much heat in Spain, but in Madrid, retiro Park is a good place to sleep in the warm afternoons, and later it´s time to wear your fabulous clothes, put a fresh makeup and drink a cold beer in a lovely “terraza” of Chueca, Malasaña,la Latina…. I like your shoes, they´re cool, Kisses

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