… this is number 5

No, it’s not like in that song, it’s not Mambo number 5, it’s just my t-shirt that exhibits the gracious number 5. And I really love the tops that are so versatile to be part of day and night outfit in the summer and winter too. This Bershka number 5 t-shirt is so versatile that I can wear it either way: with stylish high heels or with summer seaside wedges/sandals, there is no problem. For the last Sunday night, I used an outfit composed of:

Bershka 5 t-shirt
Zara denim skirt
Break&Walk wedges
Stradivarius green bag
La Senza lingerie
Bijoux Brigitte bracelet

Enjoy the photos. Click on them to see the original size.


A detail photo:


A photo with some friends in Doble Sentido:

And outside of the bar:

This is at the Gran Via street layout:





And this is a paparazzi-style photo made while I was climbing the stairs 😀 :

7 thoughts on “… this is number 5”

  1. Hello!!!! Lovely outfit, I love your microskirt you looks gorgeus wearing it, Thanks to your paparazzi, what a sexy pic showing a little bit of your pretty panties!!!!! always gorgeus, kisses honey

    1. Thanks Alicia! About the paparazzi photo: it was made without flash so I can’t figure it but then I saw it on the camera and… I felt that I need to give some infos regarding the lingerie producer – La Senza. 🙂 Kisses back Alicia!

      1. Thanks for the info of your lingerie…. I was on holydays the past days and i missed your blog, and your pretty pics. I like your lipstick in this outfit, it´s sexy, kisses

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