New hairstyle: I changed my bang!!!

I know I aroused your curiosity, so click next to see my new short haircut photos.

Well, it was just a joke, my hair is still medium-long, I didn’t cut it, just arranged a little my bang 🙂 But, honestly, did I scare you ?







11 thoughts on “New hairstyle: I changed my bang!!!”

      1. La inceput da. Dar cum eram ocupata mai mult cu probarea diverselor frezuri pe capul tau in timp ce am dat clic pe link, n-aveam timp de sperieturi. 😀

        Iti sta super.

  1. Hi Beauty!
    Younger – more stylish – more girlish – congratulations, good initiative. It is all in the details, small thing big change 🙂

  2. Pe mine m-ai speriat. Cand ti-am vazut statusul ma gandeam ca ti-ai schimbat frizura radical. Ma asteptam la ceva de genul scurt si brunet. :)) Bine ca nu e asa, parca nu te-as vedea altfel. 😀 Imi place super mult noul tau bretonel. :-*

  3. Wow!!!! You looks younger wearing this hairstyle, and you have a bit more of feminity, I like it, kisses.

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