Preparing: Pussy Party

Do you remember the pussy post, this summer ? Well, we had a pussy party also in January, and those pictures are from the preparation work. That’s why my outfit is more casual, well, especially the bottom part – jeans and comfy wedges. To say more about my outfit…

  • Shana black wedges
  • Bershka jeans
  • Bershka top
  • Kiabi black bolero
  • vintage red tiny flowers scarf

Enjoy the pictures and stay close to see the following Pussy Party shots!
DS18enero 010

DS18enero 005

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Lingerie show by Zahia Dehar

I’m usually not presenting fashion shows/news because there are so many other sources that… I don’t want to fill my blog with things that others can present better and faster than me. But, sometimes I see something that deserves to be promoted and/or shown to as many persons as possible. So, in Paris, there was the lingerie show of Zahia Dehar. The collection was good, lovely materials and innovative forms and cuts, but the most impressive thing is that Zahia made possible the transition from a luxury escort to a promising fashion name. She could turn all the notoriety from the French football players affairs into something beautiful, delicate, nice. That’s a positive fact that gave me the impulse to write this post. I’m very happy when I see people with great imagination and artistic mind going to accomplish their dreams. And this is just what Zahia did. Congratulation beauty! I would try all that lingerie!

zahir dehar extras albumes 4

Here you can visit her magnificent website which is a very interesting and pleasant voyage into her fashion ideas. Lovely.

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The sun will shine

There’s nothing like a good party. No much more to say, just press the play button of the youtube song and enjoy the pictures. If you want a better view, click on them to see the full size. Shortly, my outfit is:

  • Pimkie suede ankle boots
  • Ardene polka dots tights
  • Ad’Oro jeans skirt
  • Jennyfer ‘zodiac sign’ top
  • Kiabi black bolero
  • C&A / Bijou Brigitte bracelets

The sun will shine after such a great night!


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The Green Dress

I always loved this green dress but I wasn’t able to wear it in public, due to its habit to rise itself while I walk and expose me a little too much… but seams perfect for a ‘Bombay Sapphire’ gin tonic at home, doesn’t it ? Yea, I know you’ll object that it would have matched better with a shot of Absinthe 70° alcohol proof, hehe… let’s keep the ‘Green Fairy’ hidden until the hot summer nights come back. Ah, the summer…

A video to remember the hot days of dance in the summer, a song with a social-political background, that I like:

And now the green dress:


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