Do you have any recurrent obsession(s) ? Don’t tell me you haven’t, I won’t bite this, everyone has its own/shared obsessions, more or less dangerous 🙂  Ok, for you to feel at ease, one of my obsessions is to wear leggings. And to receive roses in the middle of the night. And Pussy begins to turn into another obsession for my nights out 😀

Enjoy the song and the pictures.

And now my pictures of addiction 😀

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24feb 014c

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Party in Gran Canaria

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A wonderful island – Gran Canaria, in a special week – Gay Pride Maspalomas, alongside with the girls from BurLesKAS, what can be better for a joyful week in May ? They took care about the accommodation and the offer is GREAT (click to go there)! You can have a single, double or three beds room in the right hotel where the party will be. The hotel looks magnificent, with a superb garden and 2-3 pools, offering many other leisure possibilities. More about the hotel, here: IFA Buenavente Gran Canaria. And of course, it doesn’t matter where are you from, they are happy to have you there.

“BurLesKAS is a Dance Session Club, made by women, and for women, placed in a high quality atmosphere. Every year, we organize in Gran Canaria, the best private only women Dance Session, in the month of May, together with the International Maspalomas Pride and the sunshine weather that we always have in Gran Canaria.

BurLesKAS, as we said, is an only women Dance Session. It’s a Dance Session for all of us, because we think we are more than transsexuals, more than bisexuals, more than lesbians and more than straights, it’s a party for all women, as you. The thematic of the party is the New Burlesque, where the complicity, the magic, the fantasy, the picaresque, the irony, the glamour, the sensuality, the transgression, and the Burlesque art, turn every year the Ozono lounge of the IFA Buenaventura Hotel, in Playa del Inglés, in a real Burlesque Club where the corsets, the suspenders, the top hats and feathers that come together with you, will be very welcome.

Choose a great place: Gran Canaria. Choose a great occasion, Burleskas at Maspalomas Pride.”

The event will took place on May 11, 2012, in Gran Canaria Island, in the city of Maspalomas (South of the island) during the Gay Pride Week (May 7-14, 2012).

Carnaval de Madrid

Dressing yourself in a costume, wearing a mask, angel wings or simply getting painted on the face, it’s something usual for the Spanish happy people, but the Carnival of Madrid is a special occasion. Even if there were not so many people on the streets (due to the cold weather, 4-6°C ), the bars and clubs were packed with costumed or masked participants. I was sitting in my typical place, Doble Sentido, wearing a Venetian-type mask and sipping my glass of Jack when suddenly a large group of Italian girls, costumed as fluffy sheeps, entered in the bar with shouts and joy; I was surrounded, you can see it in the pictures 🙂 It was a funny, funny night. Please enjoy the fotos. Click on them for the original size.

My outfit:

  • black wedge boots from Mulaya
  • black tights
  • Ad’Oro jeans skirt
  • Bershka “with love” top
  • metallic circular bracelets
  • gold scarf

18feb 010eff

18feb 011eff
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Flowers of the night

We are flowers of the night, we enjoy to party and suddenly receive (and also give) flowers. Imagine a nightclub where   colorful flowers are the only guests… roses are dancing, some tulips are chatting at the bar, some unidentified flowers are laughing while waiting at the restroom line, it’s a wonderful word! Some flowers are better dressed, some are tall, others are short, nobody cares, in this world there are no ugly bees no disturb them, the nectar of each flower is well protected and possibly shared only with another beautiful flower. We are flowers and we enjoy it!

9feb 021 BW
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