Do you like chupitos (shot drinks) ? For me it’s the perfect start of a night party, one or two shots. And then, at the end, before leaving, another shots to strengthen your way home :). The best thing is that here, in Spain, almost everywhere the bartenders offer free chupitos at your desire. I hope you’ll enjoy my pictures… click on them to see the full size.

And now a song to go along with the pictures:

Ladies and gentlemen, chupitos!

28enero 032

28enero 031

28enero 033

28enero 034

28enero 020

28enero 001

28enero 002

28enero 003

28enero 006

28enero 007

28enero 008

5 thoughts on “Chupitos”

  1. I luuuv your top! Pretty girly though but it fits you marvelously By the way, I thought that Spain was kinda conservative but obviously it is not. I was recently in Southern Spain for business but had the opportunity to take a couple of days off. I dress pretty androgynous too (girl’s jeans, skirt sometimes, heels always, make up) and i did not get any of the funny comments I’ve grown used to overhear in France or other “northern” places.
    Seeing you is an encouragement. Do you dress feminine all the time or just after works?

    1. Thank you! Well, Spain is conservative, but allows people to express themselves. No, I’m not wearing all the time skirts, but actually I don’t have any typical male clothes/accessories so… 🙂

  2. I love chupitos,specially “sol y sombra”, have you ever taste it? Fantastic t-shirt, you really looks sexy in transparent clothes, besitos guapa!!

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