Eat me, baby!

I’m a delicious apple, just eat me, baby!

It’s one of my favorites tops, “Eat me baby!”, that I paraded last time when I was out. Not only the message, but also how it fits me, the material and colors, make from “Eat me baby!” one of my top (let’s say) 5 blouses. I combined it with a leather short skirt, pretty tights and black wedge botines, and a Scottish bracelet and… let the party begins!

Enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to click on them for the real size.

30enero 003

30enero 007

30enero 004

30enero 008

30enero 011

30enero 012

30enero 015

30enero 016

30enero 017

The way back home (why I chose to take the picture near those trash bins ? well, I think they are indispensable in a real urban nightlife shot :D) :
30enero 021

30enero 022

By the way, do you like my red leather backpack ? 😀
30enero 023

30enero 025

3 thoughts on “Eat me, baby!”

  1. You are a superstylish girl, I love you clothes, your complements…. and your style. You always wear cool and sexy clothes and you`ve a perfect body to wear them. Don´t change never please!!!;) Besitos

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