A wood barrel, me, some strawberries

Weird combination, but a promise is a promise, so let’s see the St. Valentine photos – the second part of this exquisite party from Doble Sentido. Click on the thumbnails to see the full size.

11febr 046

11febr 011
Now let’s see how all started. First, delicious strawberries coated in chocolate:
11febr 024

11febr 027
And then, me on top of the barrel, dancing & posing:
11febr 034

11febr 035

11febr 036

11febr 037

11febr 038


11febr 043

3 thoughts on “A wood barrel, me, some strawberries”

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweety! I’m Veronique, Canadian, and I’m also a dancer on the pot so I like your photos.

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