Carnaval de Madrid

Dressing yourself in a costume, wearing a mask, angel wings or simply getting painted on the face, it’s something usual for the Spanish happy people, but the Carnival of Madrid is a special occasion. Even if there were not so many people on the streets (due to the cold weather, 4-6°C ), the bars and clubs were packed with costumed or masked participants. I was sitting in my typical place, Doble Sentido, wearing a Venetian-type mask and sipping my glass of Jack when suddenly a large group of Italian girls, costumed as fluffy sheeps, entered in the bar with shouts and joy; I was surrounded, you can see it in the pictures 🙂 It was a funny, funny night. Please enjoy the fotos. Click on them for the original size.

My outfit:

  • black wedge boots from Mulaya
  • black tights
  • Ad’Oro jeans skirt
  • Bershka “with love” top
  • metallic circular bracelets
  • gold scarf

18feb 010eff

18feb 011eff
Dare to see my mask and my outfit ? 🙂 18feb 013eff

18feb 015eff

18feb 016eff

18feb 018eff

18feb 023eff

18feb 025eff

18feb 026eff

18feb 029eff

18feb 031eff

18feb 033eff

18feb 034eff

4 thoughts on “Carnaval de Madrid”

  1. Carnival is a very funny party in Spain! I love it. Sexy pics honey, That miniskirt looks very good on you, kisses

  2. My God! You look better and better! keep it this way, I love your style and friends ♥

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