The red dress

I have to admit that lately I developed a true passion for this color: red. And this is an exceptional post (as I rarely wear dresses) with photos taken in from of Doble Sentido, two weeks ago. Unfortunately, there is a full week since  I suffer from  stomach pains so the camera stayed at home all this long… I hope I’ll get well next week…

Let’s see my red dress now:

16marzo 012

16marzo 006
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BurLesKAS 2012

Hey, do you remember my post about the great party that will take place in Gran Canaria ? Well, here are some details. If you’re a woman (inside and/or outside) and you crave for a wonderful (and crazy!) weekend in May, well, BurLesKas’ party is the answer. The best way to enjoy the party is to book a room in the great hotel IFA Buenaventura, the place where the party room is located, a nice big hotel near the beach and near the heart of Maspalomas. Here are some prices for the party’s weekend (May, 11-13) :

Single room = 76,70 €
Single room + breakfast buffet = 84,30 €
Single room + breakfast + lunch or dinner (half board) = 101.30 €
Double room = 102,20 €
Double room + breakfast buffet = 117,40 €
Double room + breakfast + lunch or dinner (half board) = 151,40 €
Triple room = 137,98 €
Triple room + breakfast buffet = 158,50 €
Triple room + breakfast + lunch or dinner (half board) = 204,40 €
All the offers are limited and can change in time, so you better book your room asap. Also, you’ll have the free entrance at the party (with one drink from the house). Depending from which corner of the world you’re planning your trip, you can either fly to Madrid or Barcelona and change the plane to the island of Gran Canaria at a very convenient price, either fly directly to the island.
Now, let’s talk a little about the party itself: it’s ONLY FOR WOMEN – open to heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian or transsexual women, has a dress-code – burlesque (extravagant, theatrical, fancy, eccentric, travesti, glam, sexy styles) and the atmosphere  will be animated by famous djs. Also, there will be dancers, special shows, entertainers. And, of course, I’m sure the bartenders will propose exotic tasteful cocktails. If you ask me, that should be enough to have a fantastic night in an extraordinary ambient. And of course, I’ll be there, so don’t stay away, come and say hello to me 🙂

trasera dj

So, I have now to find the proper outfit for this event… should be something revealing, at a point slutty, but also chic… the makeup is also extremely important. I don’t wanna look like the typical carnival or Halloween bitch, but more like a cabaret languorous character. Challenging task, isn’t it ?

You can ask everything you want by contacting me or directly, sending your questions to:

My Daily Look

Today I had a walk into the touristic area of Madrid – Paseo del Prado – Cibeles just to enjoy the great weather. I’m not  quite a fan of “touristic areas” as I prefer typical madrileño side of the city, but as I was alone, I walked to the places where I could put the camera – that was the criteria, even if, normally, the Spanish people offer to take pictures for you just to have a flirt 😀 .

Enjoy the pictures. Did red suits me well ? I wanna know your opinion. Thanks.

26marzo 005s

26marzo 006s
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Show Off.Lust.Photography

Aren’t the typical photos I used you to, but just for photographic purposes I adopted these lustfulness poses. The tunnel (and some delicious cocktails from Doble Sentido 😀 ) inspired me to show off my unusual poses and it was real fun! And, after all, the photos are not so bad for a night party shots, isn’t it ? Enjoy!

6enero DS 027

6enero DS 028

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This post is only to let you know that I opened a new section of the blog: Photobooks. You can find the link on the top menu. Check it periodically as I intend to have new photobooks every 3-4 or 6 months. These books, that are also printed on photographic paper, in fact, are collections of the best photos for a period of time. I hope you’ll enjoy it! Here is the first photobook (click on the photo to go there):

the cover x