El Templo de Debod

Near Plaza de España, there is another interesting place to visit in Madrid.  Not so touristic (like the Royal Palace which is close by), the Temple of Debod (an Egyptian god) is a very unusual sight for the Spanish capital. It was donated as a gift, by the Egyptian government in 1968, to Spain, and you can read the motif on the picture of the entrance sign.

9marzo 001
And now, let’s see the other photos:
9marzo 010
 9marzo 020

9marzo 002

9marzo 003

9marzo 004

9marzo 005

9marzo 006

9marzo 007

9marzo 008

9marzo 009

9marzo 011

9marzo 012

9marzo 014

9marzo 015

9marzo 018

3 thoughts on “El Templo de Debod”

  1. Yes I visit “el templo de debod” last summer when I was in Madrid,I love Egiptian culture

  2. El templo de Debod Is a fabulous and original place in Madrid. Your outfit wonderful, as your legs,besitos guapa!!!!!

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