My Daily Look

Today I had a walk into the touristic area of Madrid – Paseo del Prado – Cibeles just to enjoy the great weather. I’m not  quite a fan of “touristic areas” as I prefer typical madrileño side of the city, but as I was alone, I walked to the places where I could put the camera – that was the criteria, even if, normally, the Spanish people offer to take pictures for you just to have a flirt 😀 .

Enjoy the pictures. Did red suits me well ? I wanna know your opinion. Thanks.

26marzo 005s

26marzo 006s
26marzo 002s

26marzo 003s

26marzo 004s

26marzo 001s

26marzo 010s

26marzo 011s

26marzo 012s

26marzo 013s

26marzo 014s

26marzo 015s

26marzo 016s

26marzo 017s

26marzo 018s

5 thoughts on “My Daily Look”

    1. Gracias! Si, a mi me gustan las manoletinas y como Madrid tiene sus calles de arriba y abajo, jeje, me quedan bien… pero ya no rechazo los tacones! Besitos!

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