The red dress

I have to admit that lately I developed a true passion for this color: red. And this is an exceptional post (as I rarely wear dresses) with photos taken in from of Doble Sentido, two weeks ago. Unfortunately, there is a full week since  I suffer from  stomach pains so the camera stayed at home all this long… I hope I’ll get well next week…

Let’s see my red dress now:

16marzo 012

16marzo 006

16marzo 005

16marzo 013

16marzo 014

16marzo 015

16marzo 016

16marzo 017

16marzo 019

5 thoughts on “The red dress”

  1. love your ankle boots…mmmm…they are so sexy and you look so pretty with high heels!!!

    1. Yes, I was sure someone will notice my rock-style boots! They are great, but not so easy to walk with by the streets of Madrid. I’m happy that my efforts are appreciated 🙂 Thank you, Carla!

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