Sunday Time

It’s the best day for a walk and a lunch at your favorite restaurant/terrace. And, of course, if the weather is so permissive, I can’t see a better activity for Sunday afternoon. Two weeks ago, me and my sweet girl went to have a lunch and a pleasant walk in the center of Madrid. So, we set up at La Luiza, a nice place where they serve the best mero (a salted fish from Mediterranean Sea) in Madrid. This is the place:

11marzo 020

And now, a few words about my accident: yes, you can see in the photos that I had a bad accident that could ruin my good mood. It was my fault, but after all, I regained my joy and I treated it with fun. I’m even wondering if you can spot the accident :D. Probably, only after a closer look at the pictures. Anyway, something like that can happen all the time – but it was the first time for me.

11marzo 025

That’s all I wanted to say for now… let’s see the pictures below! Enjoy!

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This week was a delightful adventure to just go out and walk under the warm sun, so I did it every day, using all kind of excuses or goals. Those pictures are from Tuesday when I went to change some headphones that had some imperfection on the wire, and as I walked alone, it was not easy to take a picture. I went inside the garden of the Madrid’s Central Library and you’ll see the result. But after this, as the two-hours walk put some fatigue on me, I went to our friend’s bar – the last pictures – for some drinks (Jack’s on the rocks, nothing more).

Stay closely as I prepare a special post with my Sunday lunch walk outfit. Next post. For now, enjoy the photos of Tuesday.

yo13marzo 001
yo13marzo 002x
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El Templo de Debod

Near Plaza de España, there is another interesting place to visit in Madrid.  Not so touristic (like the Royal Palace which is close by), the Temple of Debod (an Egyptian god) is a very unusual sight for the Spanish capital. It was donated as a gift, by the Egyptian government in 1968, to Spain, and you can read the motif on the picture of the entrance sign.

9marzo 001
And now, let’s see the other photos:
9marzo 010
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