There’s nothing like a good party


This is my last post. Hype it if you like it.




¡Feliz Día de la Mujer!

I wish that ALL the WOMEN in the WORLD to be happy, to be independent, to be cheerful, to enjoy life! I wish that all the people to respect women – that’s the only real way to have a better world, a better life. And because the summer will come soon, let’s remember the last summer with some pictures that never have been posted on my blog, pictures from the LesMadrid Party, but not right from the club. I was sitting on the grass on Recoletos Boulevard… remember my red ears ? 😀

Here is the main post, from July 2011.

Enjoy these new (but old) photos:

2july 024

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Almost summer

In Madrid we have wonderful days with warm sunshines and great temperatures. Soon I’ll start again to have pictures outside (can’t wait!), in parks and on the streets, while the spring is winning the battle and the winter becomes history. Until then (maybe the next weekend), let’s have some ‘red stars‘ fun 🙂

Enjoy the pictures (shortly: my denim buttoned dress comes from Jennyfer, the ankle boots are from Pimkie and the red bolero is from Stradivarius and the red star from too much alcohol 😀 ).

3marzo 011
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The blue fur bag

The blue fur bag and my cracked-like metallic nails model were the main points of interest in the last Wednesday. Not the usual day to go out, but why should I follow the typical anyway ? So, first, let’s see what’s all about this nails model:

29feb 026

And yes, that’s the purse also – the blue fur bag. Big enough to safely carry on my papers, money, cards, camera (a pocket one, this time, but the pictures are fine), phone, 2 lipsticks, one small mirror, some cotton pads, the keys and various other stuffs.

In the following photos you can see my entire outfit. Enjoy and don’t forget: Wednesday is as good as Saturday in terms of having good time!

29feb 004

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