Floral print tights

I wore a few days ago these floral print tights for a going-out-for-some-cocktails night. As today is a relaxing Sunday (after a Saturday night out in the bar) I have nothing more to say, just enjoy the photos. And if you like the tights, you can buy a similar ones at Calzedonia (but they are from the winter collection).

Also, an important thing: there are only 7 days left to the departure to the sunny island of Gran Canaria!!! I can’t wait!!!

26avril 002

26avril 003

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The fur vest

The fur vest on the terrace in a windy day. This is the continuation of the The wood wedges previous post. I hope you like my springtime leather/fur/wood wedges outfit, even if I have a wild look 🙂 Don’t forget, if you want to see the full size, click on each photo. Enjoy!

Important notice: the fur is made by artificial materials.

25avril 005

25avril 006
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The wood wedges

I bought these wood wedges long time ago but never had the chance to use them yet, so yesterday I took my camera and went up on the terrace to shot some photos. Not only with the wood wedges, but also with the entire outfit – you’ll see it in the next post, tomorrow I think. The shoes are nice, fashionable,  but not very good for walking, so I preferred get used to them before walking long distances outside the house. Anyway, now the weather in Madrid is bad, with rain and wind so there is no chance to walk these days with open shoes… And then, I’ll go to Gran Canaria island for the Maspalomas Pride and the main event, Burleskas party (have you bought your ticket yet ?!).

So, my wood wedges:

25avril 045

25avril 046
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The birthday party

I love the parties, and if there is a cake, wow, I’m addicted! And of course champagne, “happy birthday” song, kisses and hugs, gifts etc.

When: Saturday night, April 21, 2012

Where: Doble Sentido bar, downtown Madrid

What: the birthday party of our sweet friend Gloria

The outfit: red jacket, photo flakes dress (bought from my dear friend Oana – thank you!), grey wedges shoes from Break&Walk and silver white dots scarf.

How long: all night 🙂

Enjoy the show. Click on the photos to see them the real-size.

Me and Gloria :
21avril 039
The delicious cake:
21avril 002
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Springtime walk

We experience a very changeable weather in Madrid, rain and sun alternating from hour to hour… and topped with a lot of wind. But this is not a reason to stay inside all the time, so yesterday I went out for a walk (several hours). Due to the picky weather I chose this outfit… black leather boots, denim shorts and leather jacket. But the main attraction was the rocker style leather/metallic pins bag (details in the first picture).

Enjoy the photos and don’t let the weather keep you inside too long!

19avril 001

19avril 002
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