The wood wedges

I bought these wood wedges long time ago but never had the chance to use them yet, so yesterday I took my camera and went up on the terrace to shot some photos. Not only with the wood wedges, but also with the entire outfit – you’ll see it in the next post, tomorrow I think. The shoes are nice, fashionable,  but not very good for walking, so I preferred get used to them before walking long distances outside the house. Anyway, now the weather in Madrid is bad, with rain and wind so there is no chance to walk these days with open shoes… And then, I’ll go to Gran Canaria island for the Maspalomas Pride and the main event, Burleskas party (have you bought your ticket yet ?!).

So, my wood wedges:

25avril 045

25avril 046
25avril 052

25avril 047

25avril 048

25avril 053

25avril 044

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