Not just another night out

Someone commented in one of my posts that I enjoy life, and my friend was so correct! I enjoy friends’ company, a good drink, a sparkling music and some roses 🙂 What can I say more ? I’m still in Maspalomas, in Gran Canaria, but the new pictures will come soon after I’ll be back in Madrid, so be patient! 🙂 Abrazos desde Playa del Inglés!

28avril 002

28avril 011

28avril 012

28avril 013

28avril 015

28avril 017

28avril 018

28avril 020

28avril 034

28avril 039

28avril 040

28avril 041

28avril 044

28avril 046

3 thoughts on “Not just another night out”

  1. I wonder if that were me referred to saying that you are enjoying/living the life? LOL Well you are!

      1. I am just glad that you can enjoy life so much because there are very fee who can in the capacity that you do. I am glad that you can share with us as well!

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