Fiesta Luau

This was one of the last parties in Doble Sentido, before shutting down the activity… It’s a sad thing that the world crisis hits the clubs, the bars and restaurants. As a consequence, overall, there’s lesser fun and joy in the world.

Esta fue una de las últimas fiestas en Doble Sentido, antes de cerrar su puerta por siempre … Es una cosa triste que la crisis mundial golpea a los clubes, los bares y restaurantes. Como consecuencia, en general, hay menos diversión y alegría en el mundo.

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5 thoughts on “Fiesta Luau”

  1. Very sad to see that your friends club must close. It must be a very disappointing and frightening time for them as they face an uncertain future. I feel for all the young people of of Spain caught up in a mess that is not of their own making. My best wishes to you all.

    1. Thank you for this nice message. It’s a real problem here in Spain… but one of the reason of closing the bar was the license that doesn’t allow loud music. The owners now search for a better place (speaking of license) or to organize parties in foreign clubs. Thank you!!!!

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