Sex Toys Every Woman Should Have

Having a really great vibrator is like having a really great pair of jeans. If you’re having a fat day or need something reliable, your go-to jeans are always there in a pinch, just like if you’re having a really bad day or are in need something reliable, your vibrator is only an on switch away.

But what if you don’t currently have a vibrator or your sex drawer is looking a little lack luster at the moment? Well, I’m hear to tell you about what’s new and what you should get so that you can turn to your drawer in your time of need much in the way you turn to your closet.

These days, Ben Wa Balls are getting a lot of attention. While they are far from being a “new” sex toy–they were invented in the 1600’s–they are a new item for a lot of women. If you haven’t heard of them before, they are a set of balls that you insert inside of yourself that can be used for solo or partner play. They’re a great way to brighten a usually dull day of household chores and errands and an even better way to spice up of sack session. You simply place them inside and let them roam freely. As they roll around, the little weights inside of the balls vibrate against each other and cause a very unexpected, yet pleasurable sensation when you bend over or when your partner thrusts.

These days you can get 14 inch vibrators or ones the size of your finger. If you’re looking for something discrete that you can throw into your purse or keep in your car–hey, you never know–then you should check out the lipstick or keychain flashlight vibrators. They are small enough to keep on hand and disguised enough that no one will know what it really is. But don’t let their size fool you, they still pack a punch and can get the job done.

Another toy that’s totally worth a mention is a glass dildo. I know I personally don’t really get excited for dildos, because hey, I want it to buzz, turn and work me into a frenzy, but glass dildos can deliver like no other. You might not be able to turn it on, but it’s certainly going to turn you on. The glass helps it slide easily and allows you to grip every inch of it. It works great with lube since glass is non-porous and it heats up and cools down quickly. Not to mention, glass dildos are typically hand-blown so you get to stick a work of art inside of you…kind of awesome, eh?

If you’ve read 50 Shades of Grey this summer, you just might be itching to try out some of Christian’s bedroom moves. If so, under the bed restraints are the way to go. They attach to your bed underneath the mattress and allow for full on or partial restraint. They are also extremely portable, which makes them great for taking on vacation. Get a set of these restraints and surprise your partner, add in some blind folds if you really want to kick it up a notch. You’ll be happy you did!

Did you know that the most popular selling sex toy in the US is lube? I would have thought vibrators, but apparently, we love lube. Couples and singles are hitting the lube aisle hard and with good reason, lube can turn an ordinary solo session into bliss mania and totally change up partner sex, by either heating it up, cooling it down or making it a much easier ride. If you’re currently without, lube should be your first stop.

If you’re looking for all of these toys and more, head over to Adam & Eve, where you can shop discretely and find everything your heart desires.

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