Your guide in Madrid

So, you plan your trip to Madrid and you need a cheerful guide ? Hehehe, you just found one! / Estas planeando tu viaje a Madrid y necesitas una guía alegre? Jejeje, ya acabas de encontrar una!

domingo 018

domingo 020

domingo 019

domingo 021

domingo 028

domingo 031

domingo 032

domingo 034

domingo 036

domingo 039

domingo 106

domingo 107

domingo 108

domingo 111

domingo 115

domingo 117

domingo 119

domingo 120

domingo 121

domingo 126

domingo 127

domingo 131

domingo 125a

domingo 135

domingo 139

domingo 143

domingo 145

domingo 152

domingo 154

domingo 156

domingo 158

domingo 162

domingo 163

domingo 167

domingo 169

domingo 176

domingo 178

domingo 181

domingo 182

3 thoughts on “Your guide in Madrid”

  1. Nice pictures, make me feel like visiting Madrid (en femme). However, the streets look so deserted, are these pics taken in the early morning of a week end?

    1. Thank you, Vanessa!! Sure you can visit Madrid en femme 🙂 Yes, I made those pictures in a Sunday, not in the morning but in the afternoon and in the old side of town – Palacio area.

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